The Latest In Magnetic Lashes

I love a good pair of falsies but hate mucking around with glue. But as much as I loved the concept of magnetic lashes, they were falling at bit short… till now.

Glam by Manicare Eyeliner and Magnetic Lashes

The new magnetic eyeliner from Glam by Manicare is a game changer. Simply apply like liquid eyeliner, let it dry then stick lashes on top like you would with glue. Only without the fuss and mess that glue seems to bring.

Using the Glam by Manicare Eyeliner with Magnetic Lashes

What was also really exciting about the Glam eyeliner, is that I was able to use other brands of magnetic lashes with it as well. So the clip on magnetic lashes from Ardell that I hadn’t found completely practical, I am now able to wear, as I’m using just the top lashes and sticking them to the eyeliner. You can read more about my experience with the original clip on lashes from Ardell here.

What the original clip on accent lashes from Ardell looked like

The one struggle left with magnetic lashes is you can’t really trim them without cutting off a magnet, so you need to find the perfect set of lashes for your eyes. I have looked at trimming a pair of my Ardell lashes as they have 4 magnets (Glam have 3). but they would then be more like accent lashes, so I would stick to finding the right pair from the start.

With the development of this eyeliner, magnetic lashes can now become apart of my everyday beauty routine.

Krystal xx

Trying Ardell’s Magnetic Accent Lashes

Magnetic lashes have become the new challenge for beauty gurus everywhere. We’re all searching to find ways to make these glue free lashes work. But it’s a battle. Keep reading to see the carnage firsthand.

I decided to try the accent lashes, because they appeared to be a little more effective than the full strip.

Mag Lashes (2)

The lashes come on a tray, which marks the top and bottom lash and left and right. I found you could mix up the top and bottom lashes (but don’t go mixing up left and right). The tray has a lid so you can store the lashes. But there is some holes and stickiness which are used to hold the lashes initially. But this did result in a few of the individual lashes being bent or damaged.

Mag Lashes (1)

The first time I tried them (with no mascara on) the top lash wouldn’t even stay up long enough to put the bottom lash on.

After lots of lash dropping and putting some mascara on, I had my first bit of success. The magnetic lashes were on. But they weren’t all that close to the lash line.

Mag Lashes (8)

A bit more practice and I got them perfect on one side but not the other. The lashes did not want to contour to my lash line, even though I was using the magnets on both ends before I clipped the magnet in the middle. I also occasionally got a little bit of my own lashes caught. Which while not painful, wasn’t quite the idea either. Although it did result to the lashes being close to the lash line.

Mag Lashes (7)

I then tried holding the bottom lash in place then putting the top lash on. This created the best look, but the sides still weren’t as close to the lash line as I would have liked. Doing it this way, also increasing the risk of accidentally hitting your eyeball.

Mag Lashes (4)


At this stage I am concluding that glue is still my friend, but I will be keeping an eye out for future improvements.

Krystal xx


Update: I recently tried Ardell’s full length lashes and the magnetic lash tool, they take a lot of fiddling and still don’t sit that close the the lash line. The accents however, I am able to wear daily, but they don’t contour to the lash line, which makes then still not look quite right sometimes, but close enough you can get away with them.