Making New Lipstick Out Of Old Lipstick

This weekend I was going through my old lipsticks and struggling to throw them out when they were still half full. But the finish was tacky, or they had that old taste. So, in the spirit of looking after the environment and being a little thrifty, I decided to try and revive the lipsticks and make some new shades out of some old shades.

The trick I find, is to melt the lipstick down. I did this by sitting the lipstick (encased) in boiling hot water. I contemplated using a saucepan but didn’t really want to have to clean lipstick out of it so I could use it for food.

I then poured the melted shades into a clean tin that had previously been home to a lip balm. As both lipsticks were quite dry, I added some pawpaw ointment to make the new shade creamier. Where I went wrong, was I added some vanilla essence to give the lipstick a nicer flavor. But that did not mix into the lipstick well.

Then after all this effort, I got a shade than was creamier bit still a bit tacky and didn’t look that different from one of the original shades.

So was it worth all that melting and mixing – not really. But it is an option if you want to save money and put less in the trash. But you’ll need to have the time and patience to experiment.

Krystal xx

Better Than Sex? Better Than Other Mascaras Anyway

Image result for too faced better than sex mascara

Recently, I finally got around to trying Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I have tried both drugstore and high end mascaras and this would have to be the best mascara I have tried so far. What is particularly noticeable is that my lashes look longer when I’m wearing it than with other mascaras (which for my very average lashes is essential). It also doesn’t irritate my lash line like some mascaras do. The packaging is a little plain and boring for a high end product. But it works and that’s the most important thing.

So I am in love. But do let me know in the comments if there are any amazing mascaras you would recommend I try.

I also recommend getting the mini, as mascara is supposed to be discarded after 6 months and I definitely wouldn’t finish a full sized mascara in 6 months.

Krystal xx

Micellar Water. Worth It Or Not?

I had never tried micellar water, so I decided to give it a whirl and see what all the fuss was about.

So first off, what is micellar water? Micelles are tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules, which are then suspended in soft water to create micellar water.

The intended effect of micellar water is that it draws out the impurities of the skin without drying it out or leaving behind residual oils behind like some cleansers. And it can be used as a facial wash, makeup remover and moisturizer all in one.

As a cleaner, it is recommended for those with dry or sensitive skin. It is not so much recommended for oily skin. However, some brands have created special micellar water’s to target oily skin or waterproof make up.

L’Oréal Paris have suggested that in addition to using micellar water as a make up remover and cleanser, you can also use it to spot refresh make up, to freshen up or as a facial mist.

So what does using micellar water feel like? On your hands as liquid, it feels like water (although it may have a scent). Once rubbed into the skin it feels like an invisible soapy film as been left behind.

While I found it convenient for those days when I was in a rush, I didn’t feel it was as effective as my full skin regime and I still wanted to use a moisturizer.

If you are interested in trying micellar water, these are the one’s I would recommend:

Garnier for all skin types

La Roche-Posay for sensitive skin

Garnier for oily skin

 L’Oréal 3 in 1

Krystal xx




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Get Your Hands On Free Lipstick This International Lipstick Day

Sunday 29th July is International Lipstick Day and across the world there is freebies to be had.


Most famously, MAC offers a free lipstick. In some countries this is free no purchase required, but in others a purchase is required. Online, you must spend $25 to get your free lipstick.

Winky Lux is gifting customers a free matte velour plush lipstick with any purchase online.

Stila is offering a buy one get one free on all 35 shades of their Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks online.

If you purchase one of Milani’s new eyeshadow palettes in Soft & Sultry or Pure Passion, you’ll receive a free Color Statement Matte Lipstick in the shade Matte Naked.

Palladio Beauty is offering 30% off online with the discount code Summer30, along with a free lip gloss on all orders on Sunday.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is offering a buy one get one free online for their liquid lipstick, lip gloss, and matte lipstick.

If you spend $60 or more at IT Cosmetics on Sunday, and use the code LIPDAY2018 at checkout, you’ll receive 2 free lipsticks.

Kat Von D is offering a free mini Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick in the shade Double Dare, with every online order when you use the code LIPSTICKDAY at checkout. You can also get two shades of their Everlasting Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipstick for $30 (usually $22 each). You can also check out my review of the Everlasting Glimmer Veil here.

Comment below to let us know your favorite lipstick and what deals you’ll be taking advantage of this National Lipstick Day.

Krystal xx

Introducing Garnier Fructis Hair Food

We need food to keep us healthy and bouncing, so it stands to reason that our hair does too.  So often we accept split ends, dry or weak hair. We blame the wind and the bleach, but never find the time or the money to go to the salon for treatments. With Garnier Fructis’s Hair Food, treating your hair is inexpensive and those once healthy locks are restored.

Garnier Fructis Hair Food

Smoothing Macadamia Hair Food is enriched with macadamia seed oils, soya and coconut oil. It moisturises and smooths, leaving dry and unruly hair soft and healthy.

Repairing Papaya Hair Food is enriched with papaya, sunflower seed and coconut oils. It repairs and smooths ends, leaving hair strong and healthy.

Nourishing Banana Hair Food is enriched with banana, shea butter and coconut oil. It deeply hydrates and repairs, leaving dry hair soft and healthy.

Protecting Goji Hair Food is enriched with goji, soya and coconut oils. It revives the richness of coloured hair and protects from damage, leaving hair vibrant and healthy.

The 98% natural origin formulas are free of parabens, silicones and artificial colourants.  These formulas also multitask, as each can be used as a conditioner, hair mask and leave-in treatment. So, whether it’s time, price or chemicals that are stopping you, Garnier Fructis Hair Food has the solution.

Garnier Hair Food

Trying Ardell’s Magnetic Accent Lashes

Magnetic lashes have become the new challenge for beauty gurus everywhere. We’re all searching to find ways to make these glue free lashes work. But it’s a battle. Keep reading to see the carnage firsthand.

I decided to try the accent lashes, because they appeared to be a little more effective than the full strip.

Mag Lashes (2)

The lashes come on a tray, which marks the top and bottom lash and left and right. I found you could mix up the top and bottom lashes (but don’t go mixing up left and right). The tray has a lid so you can store the lashes. But there is some holes and stickiness which are used to hold the lashes initially. But this did result in a few of the individual lashes being bent or damaged.

Mag Lashes (1)

The first time I tried them (with no mascara on) the top lash wouldn’t even stay up long enough to put the bottom lash on.

After lots of lash dropping and putting some mascara on, I had my first bit of success. The magnetic lashes were on. But they weren’t all that close to the lash line.

Mag Lashes (8)

A bit more practice and I got them perfect on one side but not the other. The lashes did not want to contour to my lash line, even though I was using the magnets on both ends before I clipped the magnet in the middle. I also occasionally got a little bit of my own lashes caught. Which while not painful, wasn’t quite the idea either. Although it did result to the lashes being close to the lash line.

Mag Lashes (7)

I then tried holding the bottom lash in place then putting the top lash on. This created the best look, but the sides still weren’t as close to the lash line as I would have liked. Doing it this way, also increasing the risk of accidentally hitting your eyeball.

Mag Lashes (4)


At this stage I am concluding that glue is still my friend, but I will be keeping an eye out for future improvements.

Krystal xx


Update: I recently tried Ardell’s full length lashes and the magnetic lash tool, they take a lot of fiddling and still don’t sit that close the the lash line. The accents however, I am able to wear daily, but they don’t contour to the lash line, which makes then still not look quite right sometimes, but close enough you can get away with them.

Kat Von D Glimmer Veil Review

I love a good lipstick. But I did not love liquid lipstick until I came across Kat Von D’s Glimmer Veil at Sephora.

televatorIt comes in pretty gothic packaging and the tube reflects the product inside. The wand has a tapered end for easy application. And it can be used as a shimmering top coat or as a full impact lipstick.

I have it in the shade Televator at the moment. But I’m sure my collection will grow. It sparkles, it stays in place, it’s long wearing and just plain gorgeous. Every time I wear my Glimmer Veil lipstick I get at least one compliment on it.

I tried NYX’s Cosmic Metal Lip Cream as a cheaper dupe. The color was similar and it looked similar. But it was tacky, didn’t dry and while long wearing in a way, half of it was caught on what you were eating and drinking.

So while more expensive, Glimmer Veil is the answer for me. Plus it’s cruelty and paraben free.

Krystal xx

Halo Beauty – First Thoughts

If you’re into beauty and watch YouTube, you’ve probably heard of beauty vlogger Tati Westbrook aka the GlamLifeGuru.

image-tati2_1020x700.pngShe has just released her beauty brand Halo Beauty, which so far has one product a vitamin for skin hair and nails. It sounds great and it’s both sugar and gluten free as well as vegan. She’s also been fairly transparent about the ingredients.

However a lot of bloggers, vloggers and others have been really negative about her brand and ingredients. I am surprised that her brand is so far just one product, but when you look at the product it looks fairly decent and people haven’t even used it yet to comment.

home-product2_1020x700.pngLooking at the ingredients and people’s concerns about things they do or don’t do and potential ill health you could get, there has been nothing more than a few suggested correlations. And the thing with correlations is that the two variables appear to be related but may both be occurring for non-related reasons. While I don’t think this product will be a miracle, I don’t think it will be any less effective than all the anti-aging creams out there and the companies for those don’t have to disable comments due to negativity and personal attacks.

It will be interesting to see how effective the product is once it is used for a period of time and how it affects Tati’s perceived integrity.

Krystal xx

iHerb Review (with promo code TRC217)

I love the internet, but I’m not such a fan of shopping online. Reluctant practice has made me a more confident online shopper, but I still refuse to do it unless I can’t purchase the product in a store locally. One of the main sites I use for these things is iHerb. This is my candid review of iHerb as the reluctant online shopper.

iHerb offers a range of health and beauty products for the more natural and healthy minded consumer. These products include two lip balm ranges I am crazy about; Crazy Rumors and Hurraw. The products are well priced and in your local currency both in the browsing and checkout screens (unlike Amazon).

iHerb offers a range of shipping options, including a no-rush cheaper shipping option as well as free shipping to countries outside the US. They also offer a shipping saver option on certain items.

Because I select the cheapest shipping, my items don’t arrive overnight by any means, but they still arrive within a reasonable time frame and iHerb sends a tracking number so I can track the item’s progress and know when it will possibly arrive. The items are also well packaged and arrive undamaged.

If you haven’t used iHerb before enter the code TRC217 and you’ll get 5% off your first purchase 🙂

Happy Shopping,

Krystal xx

Beauty Test: Cocoa Powder

Natural Beauty is a big thing and something I’m keen to embrace. But do some of these DIY ingredients from your cupboard natural beauty tricks work? This week I tested adding cocoa powder to your shampoo as a way to darken brunette hair.

The biggest challange I found was finding the right container to mix your shampoo and cocoa powder in. Other than that it was business as usual. I put the cocoa powder shampoo in my hair and washed it out just like normal shampoo. Although I did leave it in for 5 minutes whereas normal shampoo I would have washed out sooner. Then I conditioned and dried my hair as usual.

I didn’t find the cocoa powder shampoo made much difference and the slight tint only lasted a couple of days. But for a very natural looking alternative, this one is subtle, doesn’t leave the hair dry or feeling clogged up and it smells great.

Krystal xx