How Infallible Is L’Oreal’s Infallible Foundation Range?

Over the last year I’ve been given the chance to try every foundation in the Infallible range (currently available). Now I love L’Oreal and have tried many of their foundations. But how did this range stack up?


Fresh Wear – This is what I refer to as a nice normal foundation. Light, smooth and lasts reasonably well. It’s exactly what you want and expect in a foundation.

1281_xlarge_3Matte – This one is my favorite in the range. The matte finish is great for those that don’t like a dewy look and it sits really well on the skin. It also lasts well and provides great coverage.

71EiyvGMWzL._SY355_Total Cover – This one is the full coverage option and is quite a bit thicker. I actually found the matte had better longevity on the face however.

imagesPro Glow – This was probably the most anticipated release and incidentally my least favorite. It’s a very thin watery foundation, but does have a dewy finish and looks great with highlighter.

Cos85a_10-ClosedLongwear – This one is a foundation stick and has a smooth buttery application. I do really like it but I go through it incredibly fast. Great for travelling though as it can act as a concealer as well.

Krystal xx

The World’s Best Lip Balms – Part 1

E4F933A0-10E2-4F92-8D27-3C8C885C6895.JPEGI am quite the lip balm connoisseur, and recently when purchasing a new haul of lip balms from iherb, I had the revelation that I have probably tried most of the best lip balms accessible from around the world. I’ve still got a few more to try, so I’ve divided this into two articles – this being the first one. If you have a world’s best lip balm that you think I need to try, comment below and let me know.

12. Blistex

Blistex is a fairly standard run of the mill drugstore lip balm. Overall it does the job and has a pleasant taste and fragrance.

11. Nivea

Much the same as Blistex but with more variety (including shimmer and tinted).

10. Vaseline

Petroleum Jelly, not that good for you but oh so effective.

9. Maybelline Baby Lips

This really does help with soft lips and offers some cute coloured options.

8. Burt’s Bees

This one only makes the list because it does have natural ingredients and offer SPF options. The formula however is not one I thought much of.

7. Bon Bon

This brand offers tasty natural and cruelty free lip balms. The only drawback is they’re in a tin.

6. Living Nature

Their lip hydrator is shimmery and looks lovely in the packaging and is reasonably hydrating.

5. Ecostore

These natural minty lip balms are a basic essential. No frills but good performance.

4. Crazy Rumors

So many delicious flavors, cruelty free, natural and vegan. There are a tasty option but dry out a bit over time.

3. Lucas Pawpaw

Pawpaw ointment is pretty darn good and can be used on more than just the lips. The drawback, it still has petroleum jelly in it.

2. Nature’s Own

Another pawpaw brand but cheaper, comes in cute mini lip balms and has no petroleum jelly in it.

1. Hurraw

Hurraw has a different shaped lip balm tube, but it works and the seed oil is smooth and hydrating. My favorite is the licorice lip balm but they are all tasty. The tinted ones don’t have much color though.


Next time:

EOS, Badger, Carmex and more.


Krystal xx



L’Oreal Lash Serum Review

download (3)A little while ago I got sent the new L’Oreal Clinically Proven Lash Serum to trial and review.

Let’s start with first impressions. The pen-like applicator didn’t easily let the product out initially and then would let out too much product (all from one click worth of product). I much prefer a controlled brushed you dip into the serum.


Top: with no lash serum Bottom: after 2 months of lash serum

This serum also needs to be used twice a day, whereas most serums are once a day. Which could possibly change its effectiveness and also makes it more tedious to use. I sometimes forgot and only did one application, but I still saw results to my lashes.

Which brings to me the point everyone really cares about, did it work? I would say it did. My lashes have seemed a bit more present since using the serum and I reckon fallout has decreased. The only time length difference is noticeable is with mascara on.

What is great about this lash serum is being a drugstore brand it will more accessible and affordable than a lot of lash serums are.

Krystal xx

Get Festival Ready

I love a fun festival (or festive for that matter) look. Recently, I purchased Stila’s Glitter and Glow liquid eye shadow in the shade diamond dust, and I was inspired to create a glittery look that was just a little over the top.


To create this look I started at the base; moisturize, prime, conceal, cover, set. For a festival I would use a foundation like Max Factor’s Miracle Touch. This foundation can be a bit mask like, but it covers and stays in place even after partying, if set well.

My eyes are covered in the Stila eye shadow with a liquid eyeliner (you’ll need a good inky one to go over the glitter), I used pencil for the waterline. For my lashes, I used Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and fluffed out with some false lashes for extra impact. I used some some stars and glitter by my eyes, but you could do whatever shapes you want. To add to the overall luminescence I lightly applied some highlighter then did a bit of light contouring and chose a lip color that suited. Then I set it all and was good to go.

Now it’s time to get partying!

Krystal xx

Making New Lipstick Out Of Old Lipstick

This weekend I was going through my old lipsticks and struggling to throw them out when they were still half full. But the finish was tacky, or they had that old taste. So, in the spirit of looking after the environment and being a little thrifty, I decided to try and revive the lipsticks and make some new shades out of some old shades.

The trick I find, is to melt the lipstick down. I did this by sitting the lipstick (encased) in boiling hot water. I contemplated using a saucepan but didn’t really want to have to clean lipstick out of it so I could use it for food.

I then poured the melted shades into a clean tin that had previously been home to a lip balm. As both lipsticks were quite dry, I added some pawpaw ointment to make the new shade creamier. Where I went wrong, was I added some vanilla essence to give the lipstick a nicer flavor. But that did not mix into the lipstick well.

Then after all this effort, I got a shade than was creamier bit still a bit tacky and didn’t look that different from one of the original shades.

So was it worth all that melting and mixing – not really. But it is an option if you want to save money and put less in the trash. But you’ll need to have the time and patience to experiment.

Krystal xx

Better Than Sex? Better Than Other Mascaras Anyway

Image result for too faced better than sex mascara

Recently, I finally got around to trying Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I have tried both drugstore and high end mascaras and this would have to be the best mascara I have tried so far. What is particularly noticeable is that my lashes look longer when I’m wearing it than with other mascaras (which for my very average lashes is essential). It also doesn’t irritate my lash line like some mascaras do. The packaging is a little plain and boring for a high end product. But it works and that’s the most important thing.

So I am in love. But do let me know in the comments if there are any amazing mascaras you would recommend I try.

I also recommend getting the mini, as mascara is supposed to be discarded after 6 months and I definitely wouldn’t finish a full sized mascara in 6 months.

Krystal xx

How To Be A Better You This New Year

Image result for happy planet

Another year has come and gone, once again we’ve made New Years resolutions, but as January comes to a close no doubt many are already failing. Here are some simple tips to help improve on your already wonderful self this year.

1. Health

It’s not always about a diet, but making sure there is plenty of fruit and vege in your day is a good start. Then look at portion sizes and how much sugar and fat you’re consuming. Baby steps are more likely to result in good lasting habits.

2. Make Time To Enjoy Life

We work incredibly hard to give ourselves enough money to enjoy life – but often we forget to just stop and smell the roses. Make time. Priories the most urgent work and leave on time at the end of the day. Set aside time to do those things you always say you’re too busy for. And make an effort to live in the present as well as planning for the future.

3. Mental Health

Stress and anxiety are two of the biggest mental health complaints. Put things into perspective (will the world end if you don’t achieve this?) and take some time out to practice whatever form of mindfulness works for you.

4. The Environment

Evaluate how you can make the world around you a better place too. Whether it’s using a reusable coffee cup, not using single use plastic bags, making an effort to only buy consumables in recyclable packaging or trying something completely new like the waste free period. There are so many ways we can get the planet into better shape with just a few small changes.

Have you made any resolutions or small changes to your life? Comment below.

Krystal xx

Travel Guide: Christmas In New York

At the time of writing this, it is December 1st and we’ve just put up our Christmas Tree and are getting ready to decorate the rest of the house. This time last year, we were getting ready to spend Christmas in New York, so the tree was all we put up. But onto the actual article: a guide the Christmas in New York.

Santaland/Macy’s (Herald Square)

We went as a group of adults, but we still went to Santaland. It is kind of like walking through a short north pole stage set. But it didn’t have quite the Christmas magic I was expecting. At the end you can go and see one of several Santa’s, but we left that bit for the kids.

Macy’s as a department store is 11 floors and has a lot to offer. I spent most of my time looking at Christmas decorations, clothes and make up.


Santaland – Macy’s

Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue has several shops that dress their windows for Christmas. However they aren’t all Christmas themed. Fifth Avenue also provides access to the Rockefeller Center which has the famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree and ice rink. This is a show stopper in the evening because it looks most impressive when the tree is lit up in the dark. Facing it on the other side of Fifth Avenue is also the Sax light show, which adds to the festive feel.


Rockefeller Christmas Tree


Sax Fifth Avenue Light Show

Sixth Avenue

Head out through Rockefeller to Sixth Avenue and you will be by Radio City Music Hall. Here sits the giant baubles in front of the Exxon Building. There is also a few other light up displays nearby, such as the Reindeer in front of the Fox Building.





Empire State Building

The top part of the Empire State Building also lights up in red and green for the festive season.


Empire State Building

Christmas in New York is not the family sitting around the festive meal in a cozy picture book house. In fact it is a good idea to check what places are open Christmas day. We ended up having pizza – which while delicious wasn’t particularly festive. However we did see some amazing iconic sights. It is also worth remembering that it is really cold so dress warmly.


Krystal xx

Must See Attractions In The World’s Most Liveable City

Wellington, New Zealand has been voted number 1 on Deutsche Bank’s global study of the most liveable city. The study has been run both in 2017 and 2018, with Wellington being declared the city with the world’s highest quality of life both years.

But before you rush off to live in this fantastic city, you’ll probably want to take a holiday first. So here is a list of some of the awesome attractions you can visit in Wellington.

Mount Victoria Lookout

Mount Victoria Lookout WellingtonThe Mount Victoria Lookout provides panoramic views of Wellington City and harbour. The lookout is up a hill that can be accessed by foot or car and is free to view day or night.

Wellington Waterfront

Oriental Bay WellingtonThe Wellington Waterfront is home to beauty, culture and food. Internationally renown museum Te Papa and iconic theatre Circa sit adjacent to eat other, with the City Art Gallery and Museum of City and Sea just moments away. Meanwhile event venues TSB Arena and Shed 6 stand nearby at Queen’s Wharf. Nearly every building has a famous history; which you can read about, just down from Frank Kitts Park. The town belt, railway station and Westpac Stadium are all easily assessible from this end of the Waterfront. Down the other end, are the golden sands and towering pines of Oriental Bay. And across all of it are delicious eateries and a beautiful clear waterside view.

Cable Car And Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens WellingtonGo between CBD shopping hub Lambton Quay and the gorgeous Botanical Gardens on the classic Wellington Cable Car. Visit the Cable Car Museum, Planetarium and see stunning city views at the top of the Cable Car, then head down through the Botanical Gardens to see the award-winning Lady Norwood Rose Garden and many more hectares of specialty gardens and horticultural displays.

Te Papa

Te Papa WellingtonTe Papa is Wellington’s biggest museum and a place of cultural, heritage, science, art and creativity. The museum is free entry and current displays can be found on their website. Being on the earthquake fault line, they also have some of the most innovative technology for keeping their building safe during an earthquake.

The Beehive and Parliament Buildings

Parliment WellingtonTake a free tour of New Zealand’s decision-making hub at Parliament Buildings and snap a photo of Wellington’s iconic Beehive building in the CBD. Then take a relaxing through Parliament’s gardens.

Weta Workshop

Seen Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit. Find out how they were made and pose with some of the characters at Weta Workshop in their world famous Weta Cave. Film buffs through to novices will enjoy seeing how these characters and movies were made.

Wellington Zoo

Wellington ZooFor encounters with native and non-native animals, visit the Wellington Zoo. Here you can see New Zealand’s icon, the Kiwi as well as animals from across the world; including Giraffes, Monkey’s and Lions.


Castle Point WairarapaGet a taste of local wine and food in the Wairarapa, north of Wellington City. Several charming small towns make up the wider area. Visit vineyards in Martinborough, home of Wellington’s winemaking. Enjoy food and galleries in Greytown, coastal views at Castle’s Point and see Stonehenge Aotearoa in Carterton.
While you can drive around all of Wellington’s attractions. If you want a driving free holiday, or perhaps you’re used to driving on the right side of the road (in New Zealand they drive on the left), there are a great number of tours you can also take.

No matter how you choose to explore, be sure to check out the ‘coolest little capital’ next time you’re planning a trip.

Travel Guide: Switzerland – Lucerne, Engelberg, Swiss Alps, Mount Titlis

Switzerland wasn’t somewhere I’d ever really thought about visiting, until I did a European tour that stopped there. After visiting, it is somewhere I would definitely want to visit again. The tour I went on primarily stopped in Lucerne and from there went up to the Swiss Alps.

Switzerland (20).JPG

City Center

Lucerne is a gorgeous town. It has an old regal presence, mixed with richness, modernity and gorgeous waterfront sites. In the main hub there is several places that you can discover swiss-made watches, eat swiss chocolate and walk alongside the water. The Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke), is said to be one of the oldest covered bridges standing today and also showcases stunning views of each side of the Reuss River.

Switzerland (4).JPG

Chapel Bridge

Close by is Lake Lucerne (south side), which from this side has a stunning waterfront with botanicals, hotels, eateries and water features. Following it around the large water fountain and train station, there is several stalls in the station for more affordable eating and a large railway station which is a central hub in Lucerne for domestic and international travel.

Switzerland (38)

Lake Lucerne

In Lucerne, we also saw the Lion Monument, giant dying lion carved out of a wall of sandstone rock. It was designed as a memorial for Swiss soldiers, who lost their lives during the French Revolution. It is said that the outline of the memorial is carved like a pig to show the artist’s objections to being rushed then not being paid in full, while creating the monument.

Switzerland (71).JPG

Lion Monument

Outside of Lucerne, we travelled to Engelberg then up to Mount Titlis. Heading up the mountain required a gondola and a 360 degree cable car. I enjoyed the gondola but the 360 degree cable car provided lacklustre views, between the number of people and windows that needed a good clean. The gondola also had windows that were scratched, but when I went there was also a window I could open and stick the camera out (for memory).

Switzerland (63).JPG

View From Gondola

Standing on the mountain, there was snow and beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding alps and alpine towns in the distance. You could go for a walk up the mountain, do the cliff walk (including Europe’s highest suspension bridge) and do the ice flyer. In summer, the ice flyer takes you to the glacier park and up to the ski slopes in winter. In the mountain station there were also places to eat, shop and a glacier cave.

Switzerland (6).JPG

View From Mount Titlis

Switzerland was gorgeous, and I want to go back and visit more cities. Please comment below if you have any you particularly recommend. Other things to note, it that it is quite an expensive place. They also accept both Swiss Francs and Euros. At the time I went Swiss Francs were better value, but it all depends on conversion rates. It was also a place where shops closed more often (ie Sundays), particularly outside the tourist hub. There was also a fabulous sense of history and culture. For next time I would brush up on my German though.

Switzerland (41).JPG


Krystal xx