Why Now Might Be The Perfect Time To Travel

Coronavirus. Covid-19. The words that are on everybody’s tongues. It’s everywhere, it’s now a global pandemic. So what’s the advice? Wash your hands and don’t travel.

Yes maybe globalization is why the virus spread in the first place. But only now that it’s spread are we questioning if travel is a good idea. But consider this: cities and tourist centers ghost towns, tourist operators are struggling and airfares are at an all time low. So perhaps it’s time to turn the conversation and consider that now might be the perfect time to travel*.

Person Holding World Globe Facing Mountain

Advantages include little to no wait time to visit attractions because queues are a thing of the past, when coronavirus is in town. Your photos will be epic, because all those other pesky tourists won’t be accidentally photobombing them. Plus, flights and accommodation are cheap because they desperately need your patronage.

Coronavirus has now infected every continent except Antarctica, so you’re probably as likely to catch it in pretty much any country now. But if you need to self isolate after your holiday, consider it an extra two weeks vacation. Think about how much progress you’ll make on that novel or bod with two weeks of nothing you have to do.

Woman Walking on Pathway While Strolling Luggage

The disadvantages of travelling during the coronavirus outbreak are simple, if the borders are closed in a country where you’re travelling, getting home may become a bit more difficult and accommodation may suddenly become a much bigger expense. Travelling can put you at more risk to catching the virus, and while you might survive fine, it can put other people around you at risk.

So is it worth it? I’ll let you weigh up the odds**.

Man Wearing White Shirt, Brown Shorts, and Green Backpack Standing on Hill

*Only travel if you are in the low risk category and are willing to self isolate for 2 weeks after your return so you don’t pass any potential virus on.

**This article is not intended to replace official advice, merely offer some lighthearted relief.

What happened to Kat Von D’s Glimmer Veil?

I have long touted my love of Kat Von D’s Glimmer Veil, but when I went to pick up a replacement of my favourite shade… it had disappeared… so had my second favourite and those left behind were on sale!!! But why would they discontinue such an amazing product?

Then I saw a name change on Sephora’s website, no longer was it Kat Von D, but KVD Vegan Beauty. Was the Glimmer Veil vegan? I asked myself. I was pretty sure it was, so surely that wasn’t why is was disappearing. Then of course I consulted the illustrious Google with phrases like “has Kat Von D’s Glimmer Veil been discontinued”, but alas there were no answers.

So fast forward to today, after extensive online and instore searches for glittery lipsticks and I have found a couple. But they seem far more prone to smudging and don’t last nearly as long. And I am left wondering, where did my precious Glimmer Veil go?

Krystal xx

The Secret To Successful New Years’ Resolutions

people jumping on shore front of golden hour
Photo from Unsplash

We’re now a week into the new year (yes congratulations you survived), but how are those new year resolutions looking? January is the month of people signing up for expensive memberships and other schemes in hopes it will create a better happier them. But I’ve found the secret to happiness isn’t in spending lots of money and having challenging goals, but in smaller more achievable steps.

Instead of saying “I want to lose 10 pounds this year” which is a long term goal that will have you watching the scales and likely experiencing some self-loathing, anxiety and feelings of failure if the weight doesn’t melt away. Honestly examine the place you are in right now and identify a couple of changes you could make such as “this year I am going to reduce my carb intake and be more active.” This is easier to achieve as it isn’t such an absolute and your success in achieving it will likely spur you to keep going. This more successful mindset will also keep you in a more positive mental state which has additional benefits on health and wellbeing as well as things like motivation.

When making a goal, also be honest with yourself, about whether this is something you’re wanting to do for you or because you think you have to for some other reason. If you’re doing it for the right reasons, you’re also more likely to be motivated to put the work in and thus succeed.

So may 2020 be a year of success for you,
Krystal xx

Black Friday Tips And Tricks

It’s Black Friday this week and advertising is saturated with stores advertising their sales. But consumer group Which? has found that not all the Black Friday sales are much of a sale at all. So here’s some tips to a successful Black Friday.

1.Have A Budget

If you know how much you’re willing to spend before you spend it, it can prevent a later case of buyer’s remorse or a maxed out credit card.

2.Do Your Research

Know what you want to buy, where to buy it from and how much it usually costs before Black Friday. This means you’ll be able to tell if the item you want is really a good price and save you hunting around at the same time as everyone else. Having made your shopping list in advance will also reduce impulse buying.

3.Have Fun

It’s not all doom and gloom. Enjoy shopping and the excitement of your shiny new purchases.

Krystal xx

Does ChillSculpt (Fat Freezing/Cryolipolysis) Really Work? – Part 2

Lumps, bumps and bulges are all just a part of life, but sometimes we want to get rid of that muffin top or see if we can shake stubborn pockets of fat that no amount of exercise seems to budge. That’s where fat freezing or cryolipolysis seems like the idea solution. Described as non-invasive liposuction, it targets pockets of fat and freezes away the fat cells.

Professionals do caution that this is not a weight loss treatment, but for people like me who had gained just a little weight that didn’t seem to want to shift it seemed like an ideal solution. To read the start of my journey, check out part 1, and find out about the results of my journey below.

Image result for chillsculpt

4-6 50 minute sessions is recommended to treat an area with results showing up from the third session onwards. I had 5 sessions and saw very little result (so little the pictures didn’t show it). I treated my thighs and stomach and the biggest thing I noticed was that after the 5 sessions, the area of my thighs I had treated, I could sort of feel that there were less fat cells there. The measurements done by the clinic I visited also showed me losing 8cm off the waist, but I couldn’t visually see the difference.

So for me, maintaining healthy eating and exercising is still the way to go. I know I struggle to find enough time in the day to exercise, so if you’ve found the solution to that particular problem, please do comment below.

But if you have the time, money and tolerance for the uncomfortableness of ChillSculpting, it could be worth a go to target a specific area.

Krystal xx

Work Friendly Halloween Outfit

Want to celebrate Halloween, but being Thursday, are spending all day at work? Check out how to bring a touch of Halloween into your workday outfit. Please note, some items linked are similar as oppose to the exact same item.

Make Up

My go to is always Kat Von D’s Everlasting Glimmer Veil Lipstick, it can be dark and sparkle.

Image result for kat von d glimmer veil


Ideally pick a character you are channeling first. I chose a witch and wore a cobweb inspired top and black skirt to channel a little inner witch.


It’s Halloween, so naturally I pulled out the gothic choker. There are also plenty of novelty Halloween earrings, bracelets and rings that can instantly change the mood of an outfit.


With a witch inspired outfit, pointy shoes were essential.

Hope you feel inspired and Happy Halloween

Krystal xx

Finding Accommodation When Moving Cities – And My Experience With Airbnb.

If you’ve ever read an article on this blog before, you’ll probably already have noticed that I enjoy travelling and have traveled to many places, so I am no stranger to finding accommodation in a new place. But when moving permanently to a new city to live, that’s when things got a little trickier.

My first thought was to start in hotels and hostels like I would normally do when travelling and book a few weeks. This is a viable option, but the expense really starts to stack up after a few weeks.

I next looked into renting out an apartment. I have done this in other places before and found it quite affordable. But at the time I was looking all the apartments were extremely expensive or a more permanent tenancy. However, something to also know, is that those looking for tenants that were going through a property management company, wouldn’t rent a property without you or a representative viewing the property first.

My last place I looked was Airbnb, where I did find a really affordable place, staying with the host, so being new to the city I chose this option.

I rented out the place for a month, because I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to find somewhere to rent more permanently (now that I was in the city and could view the listings in person). However, I’d found somewhere by the end of the first week, which I have moved into.

Now of course the dilemma with booking these places, is that they aren’t too keen to refund if you want to cancel early. With Airbnb it depends on the hosts policy how much you get refunded and for stays over 28 nights, then you need to have more than 30 days remaining on your reservation in order to get any money after that period refunded. However, I will give credit to Airbnb, when I rang them to discuss this policy, they were happy to contact the host to try and negotiate a refund, because obviously there are reasons for someone cancelling early.

On hindsight, I probably didn’t need to book an Airbnb for a month, but you don’t know how long it will take you to find permanent accommodation or what the place will be like in advance.

Since booking an Airbnb, a lot of people have shared their Airbnb stories with me and common themes that have come out of it are that places aren’t cleaned well despite cleaning fees or that hosts have already filled wardrobes/cupboard etc with their belongings in the rooms people have booked. Most have opted for an Airbnb because it was cheaper than other accommodation options – but not always.

Comment below if you have any accommodation tips and tricks when moving cities.

Krystal xx

The Latest In Magnetic Lashes

I love a good pair of falsies but hate mucking around with glue. But as much as I loved the concept of magnetic lashes, they were falling at bit short… till now.

Glam by Manicare Eyeliner and Magnetic Lashes

The new magnetic eyeliner from Glam by Manicare is a game changer. Simply apply like liquid eyeliner, let it dry then stick lashes on top like you would with glue. Only without the fuss and mess that glue seems to bring.

Using the Glam by Manicare Eyeliner with Magnetic Lashes

What was also really exciting about the Glam eyeliner, is that I was able to use other brands of magnetic lashes with it as well. So the clip on magnetic lashes from Ardell that I hadn’t found completely practical, I am now able to wear, as I’m using just the top lashes and sticking them to the eyeliner. You can read more about my experience with the original clip on lashes from Ardell here.

What the original clip on accent lashes from Ardell looked like

The one struggle left with magnetic lashes is you can’t really trim them without cutting off a magnet, so you need to find the perfect set of lashes for your eyes. I have looked at trimming a pair of my Ardell lashes as they have 4 magnets (Glam have 3). but they would then be more like accent lashes, so I would stick to finding the right pair from the start.

With the development of this eyeliner, magnetic lashes can now become apart of my everyday beauty routine.

Krystal xx

Does ChillSculpt (Fat Freezing/Cryolipolysis) Really Work?

Over the past couple of years I’ve noticed my metabolism has slowed down and it’s been hard to shift that little bit of belly fat, so I decided to give Chill Sculpting a go.

ChillSculpt is a fat reduction treatment using cryolipolysis technology that freezes and reduces fat cells. It is not a weight loss solution, but it is ideal for reducing unwanted fat that cannot be easily removed through diet and exercise. It is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction and requires no down time, each treatment only takes around an hour.

Image result for chillsculpt

I went for a consultation, which was free, where they discussed the areas I needed to target the most and pricing. The treatment is quite expensive (approx $400 a session) and 6 sessions are required for the treatment to be effective.

The treatment is administered through two paddles attached to a a machine that freezes the area to -10 degrees. The paddles suck the skin up, pulsate for 2 minutes at the beginning and end of treatment and freeze for the approximately 50 minutes in between.

Only one area can be treated at a time, so if you want to target more than one area of fat, your session will be multiple hours.

I’ve found with the smaller paddles the sensation uncomfortable, but with the larger paddles it can be quite painful. You are sometimes also left with significant bruising. I have also found that areas like the stomach which are mostly fat, are less painful to have treatment on that areas like the legs where there is less fat and things like lymph nodes.

In the 50 minutes the machine is at work, you will be laying or sitting and can read a book, watch Netflix on your phone or whatever other activity you can do while being reasonably still (you are connected to the machine after all). The biggest issue I found was that during the treatment time the therapist didn’t really check on me, so if I’d encountered any issues they weren’t on hand. They did tell customers to ring the clinic’s reception, but they often weren’t near the phone, so that part of the process needed a lot of work.

I’m nearing the end of my treatment and so far haven’t seen any results. But will update when I finish the treatment.

Krystal xx