Guide To Buying Face Masks

Here in New Zealand we’ve only really just started getting on the face mask band wagon, but finding locally made face masks that weren’t sold out at first proved to be a challenge. So both below and on my Instagram post I have a list of local places you can pick up a face mask from. The selection varies from homemade goodies to local designer. So be sure to check those lists out if you’re looking.

But what should you looking for when you purchase a face mask? Because as I’ve found, they are not all created equal.

First off, two layers of fabric should be the minimum. but 3 is more is recommended. This is lessen the particles penetrating through the face mask. Check out this simulation to see the difference.

There is scientific debate over whether cotton is an ideal fabric or holds on to foreign particles, but the tighter the weave on the fabric of your mask, the less that can get through it is a good rule of thumb to follow.

In terms of filters, the extra layer will always be an extra layer of protection. But if you can’t get one with a filter there is yet to be evidence that it is the difference between getting covid or not. And a lot of the filters are single use inserts, making them no better for the environment than the surgical masks.

And lastly, the elastic. Most masks have ear loops while some have elastic around the whole head. Both are equally as effective, so you do you.

Locally Made Face Masks – NZ

Annah Stretton

Women's Reusable Cotton Face Mask - Pack of 3

Celine Rita

Enhanced Health

Jojo Ross

Juliette Hogan

JH Face Mask (Cream Cotton) Day Dream

Hutton Homewares

Little Proteas

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is processed_1024x1024@2x.jpg


Mina Face Mask

Ovna Ovich

Face Mask - PREORDER


Untouched World

nanoknit face mask

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