Making New Lipstick Out Of Old Lipstick

This weekend I was going through my old lipsticks and struggling to throw them out when they were still half full. But the finish was tacky, or they had that old taste. So, in the spirit of looking after the environment and being a little thrifty, I decided to try and revive the lipsticks and make some new shades out of some old shades.

The trick I find, is to melt the lipstick down. I did this by sitting the lipstick (encased) in boiling hot water. I contemplated using a saucepan but didn’t really want to have to clean lipstick out of it so I could use it for food.

I then poured the melted shades into a clean tin that had previously been home to a lip balm. As both lipsticks were quite dry, I added some pawpaw ointment to make the new shade creamier. Where I went wrong, was I added some vanilla essence to give the lipstick a nicer flavor. But that did not mix into the lipstick well.

Then after all this effort, I got a shade than was creamier bit still a bit tacky and didn’t look that different from one of the original shades.

So was it worth all that melting and mixing – not really. But it is an option if you want to save money and put less in the trash. But you’ll need to have the time and patience to experiment.

Krystal xx

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