TV Review: Fuller House

Do you remember watching Full House years ago? Well D.J. Tanner is now D.J. Tanner-Fuller (yes very clever with the play on Fuller Producers and Writers) and has now returned to her childhood home to raise her three boys as a widow. For those who haven’t seen Full Full_House_-_Season_1.jpgHouse, in the original series her father was the widower raising 3 girls. And just like how her father Danny had his boys; a wild but now tamed family member and a kooky friend to help him, D.J. has the same with of course girls. Stephanie Tanner returns as a wild but being tamed family member who was travelling the world as a DJ (DJ Tanner to be precise). And Kimmy also returns as the kooky friend and finally gets to fulfil her dream of living in the Tanner house. The only non-parallel is that Kimmy has a daughter which now also needs to fit into the already Full House. The youngest in Fuller House, Tommy is also played by twins, but I’m not sure it will be their big break quite the same as it was for the Olsen twins.

The actors are all the same as the original series which definitely helps both give it a sense of authenticity and makes Fuller House even more referential. The show regularly p12442685_b_v8_ab.jpgreferences Full House and also recent events in the actors’ lives such as competing on Dancing with the Stars. The ‘Everywhere You Look’ theme song from Full House is even used, though modernised and sung by Carly Rae Jepsen instead of Jesse Fredrick.

The original parent figures also appear in various episodes, the only noticeable appear is Michelle who was played by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The twins were apparently invited to participate in the show. I’m not sure how both girls would go still playing Michelle though given these days they look a bit different. Though of course Michelle’s look alike cousin (played by Mary-Kate while Ashley was Michelle) could have been an alternative character route the show could have taken.

The Netflix spin off of the ABC series has been surprising successful and a second season has already been ordered. I do think having watched Full House, knowing how American TV works and knowing about the actors’ lives really alters how you understand the show as well. It is very referential.


In terms of Season 2, it will be interesting to see if Michelle Tanner does make an appearance and what other parallels the show will draw.

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