Review: Calvin Klein Reveal

I love Calvin Klein’s Reveal perfume. I first tried it in 2014 at Debenhams where they had a Calvin Klein booth set up by the door. We took photos in this photo booth with a wind machine (they looked awful and have since been hidden in the photo album cupboard, never to be seen again). Then we both got given a lovely little goodie bag that had two 1.2ml sample fragrance bottles and a 30ml body lotion.

nd.26372Since then, the Reveal fragrance both in both its perfume and lotion form has become one of my go to fragrances. Whenever I smell it, it reminds me of that day in London, which was a pretty spectacular day and just makes me pretty darn happy whenever I smell it. What I don’t like about the full sized bottles is that the silver lid can get a bit brassy looking and you also have to make sure you’ve put the bottle down on the flat side not a curved side since they all look kind of the same. The full sized bottle comes in 30ml and 50ml that I’ve seen.

The fragrance itself has salt and pepper top notes, iris and ambergris as middle notes and sandalwood, cashmeran, vetiver and musk as bottom notes.

The body lotion and the perfume both smell very similar, although the lotion doesn’t have that chemical type smell that perfumes always seem to have, so the scent translates well across products. Interestingly, the perfume is made in France and the lotion in Monaco.

Usually, I prefer a fruity/floral type fragrance, but this fragrance does seem to blend particularly well into my skin and has a more sexy/sensual type fragrance than the more feminine perfumes I wear. It’s also not too heavy on the musk, which makes it appeal more to me as I’m not a huge fan of musk. But because it doesn’t have a hugely feminine feel to it, it does easily complement the Reveal cologne for Men. Calvin Klein fragrances often seem to have the complementing male and female versions and these two complement each other well.

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