Obama Endorses Clinton

In a move that surely shocked nobody, with the Primary over, President Barack Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton as his replacement for President.

barack-and-hillary.pngClinton and Obama are both democrats, so naturally Obama would endorse the strongest democrat runner, as this will in theory help unite the democrat vote and ensure a win for the democrats.

Now as a woman I am definitely team Hillary and as a realist, I see that she is far better qualified to be President than Donald Trump. I see her as a genuine political candidate, I see his as a rather large ego, trying to conquer America. But I could be wrong, Trump could be genuinely in it to help make America great, problem is he’s making America laughing stock in the process.

I know come November, I’m hoping that there is a second President Clinton.

Krystal xx

Disclaimer: any facts come from a reliable news source, any opinions are strictly my own.

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