10 Tips For Travelling

I love travelling; the thrill of discovering a new place and the adventure that follows. Over the years I’ve learnt a lot about what to do and what to take and this is a list of my top 10 tips.


  1. Have fun. You spent all that money, you need to enjoy it.
  2. Find wifi spots. Wifi is really handy to have, whether it’s to snapchat your friends to show them what a fab time you’re having or to check out what supermarkets are in the area.
  3. On a related note, find out what supermarkets are nearby and engage with the local cuisine through the local supermarket. It’ll save you a lot of money which you can then spend on souvenirs or tourist attractions and you will often find more authentic local food.
  4. Walk. You can soak up so much of the culture and the vibe of a place from just walking around. You really do gain so much more than when you look out of a tour bus or car window. I do still recommend driving to get from location to location if it’s more than half an hours walk away.
  5. Use Trip Advisor. You can download maps and not look so touristy, check reviews for places, mark out places to go and find places to eat all on one little app. Also anything you can download to view offline download on wifi before you leave home.
  6. Use TSA locks. TSA locks allow you to lock your luggage in airports that don’t allow standard padlocks. They allow you to lock your luggage with a combination and customs to open it with a key. Therefore you and customs can get in, but others are kept out.
  7. Get 4 wheeled luggage. Four 360 degree spinner wheels are as luxurious as luggage gets. They slide along beside you and it’s just like walking the dog as oppose to dragging a sack of potatoes behind you on 2 wheels.
  8. Take photos of your luggage. This is a form of security for if your bag gets damaged, broken into, lost etc. These photos will make it much easier to make a claim against an airline.
  9. Plan and pay everything in advance (especially travel and tickets). This will make your trip significantly less stressful as you aren’t having to plan things and pay things on the spot.
  10. Keep money and passports concealed under clothes with a waist or neck money pouch. This is a top tip to protecting your most valuable essentials. If you get stuck in a tight spot, money and passports will be the things you need the most. An RFID case or RFID pouch will also give you a layer of digital protection from financial or identity theft from microchips on your credit cards and passports.

Bonus tip: Wear comfortable and practical shoes that you can walk anywhere in. Know where you are going that day and dress practically for it. When in doubt wear sneakers and take a nicer pair of shoes in your day pack.


Happy travelling,

Krystal xx

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